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Black Rock Zinfandel 750ml

Mannen bakom Black Rock Zinfandel, Nils Venge från Saddleback, är den allra första amerikanen att göra ett vin som tilldelades maxpoängen 100 av 100 från den smått legendariske vinkritikern Robert Parker. Här ett prisvärt Zinfandel gjort på druvor som odlas i Red Hills Lake, bara några mil norr om hans hembas i Oakville, Napa Valley.

Bogle Zinfandel 750ml

Seeking out old vines for Bogle's Zinfandel is about finding the highest quality grapes, full of concentration and intensity. 60-80 year old head trained and dry farmed vines produce limited amounts of small clusters perfect for our Old Vine Zinfandel. Spicy and bold, this wine smells of fresh, ripe fruit and Malabar pepper, with the first impressions enticing you to take a sip. On the palate, flavours of homemade raspberry jam simmering on the stove abound. Surrounded by vanilla bean, juniper and toasty oak tones, this wine is well balanced through and through. Full at entry, mouth filling in the mid palate and finishing round and ripe, this wine resonates well beyond the last sip. This is a versatile wine to pair with everything from rich and unique dishes, to your favourite barbecue or weeknight take out!